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D. Phillips, D. Powles

University of South Wales (UNITED KINGDOM)
The paper will address the challenges faced by teachers working with students who‘re-locate’ to a different country to study and are exposed to a different educational pedagogy i.e. either relocate from one country to another to study or have migrated (both involving extreme cultural diversity). Challenges for students include adopting to new teaching and learning strategies, and for teachers challenges involve assisting students in developing alternative frames of pedagogy and ensuring curriculum are reviewed to meet the knowledge requirements of students.

Modernity in education requires institutions to attract ‘international’ students. Attracting international students is particularly important and relevant on a number of levels, namely finance, knowledge exchange, and enriching the institution with diversity and scholarly pursuits.

Expanding the international footprint of an institution brings with it inherent challenges for teachers, administrators and students. These challenges range from: - linguistic, cultural, pedagogy, and ‘sense of belonging’ to a community.

The paper will address the overall impact on teaching and learning , identification of issues, the process of staff development to work effectively with international students , student development and general institutional ‘buy in’. A range of strategies will be highlighted to assist student engagement, student progress, student achievement and the impact on curriculum and approaches to learning and teaching. A case study approach will be utilized.