K.M. Peter, V. Banciu, M.C. Florescu

University of Oradea (ROMANIA)
Integration involves passing a person from an environment more or less segregated in an ordinary environment or as close to it and it is defined only in terms of areas where action takes place, identifying the following types: physical integration, functional integration, social integration, societal integration, professional integration, school integration. Inclusive school is maximally comprehensive in terms of its student diversity, ranging from the most severe problems: disabled with severe behavioral deficits; schools accepting unreservedly individuals with extremely severe behaviourial problems, however, reaching to include in the educational process, also gifted children, therefore valorizes them; things which are not done in integrated school.

This paper is only one ascertaining study by which we intend to learn from experts involved in integration / inclusion on how this is done, which of them is more important ... which is more beneficial to the child. For this purpose we used a questionnaire applied to a number of 112 teachers in special education and integrated special.

The results confirm the hypothesis that we need to strive for inclusive school which is more beneficial to students.