I. Pervova, V. Kelasyev

St. Petersburg State University (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
Social problems, especially addictions, tend to be a topic that is not discussed only by a lazy one. Starting with family warnings it flows into school, work, friends’ discussions, mass media, etc. In the last decade the problem of substance addiction in youth became one of the main social problems in Russia. Russia is a smoking country – about 30-40 percent of the country’s population smokes. Young people seem to be sick and tired of regular warnings about alcohol and drug abuse, smoking, overweight, speeding, healthy life style and etc.

A new approach of developing video clips by students of social work department of St. Petersburg State University based on proper behaviors and consequences of wrong choices in life seems to be a more evidential, convincing and forceful method for prevention of deviant behaviors and learning social problems. In producing video clips students involve their friends, relatives, acquaintances, write scripts, and analyze possible situations, their consequences and resolutions. Many of the clips are unique, sharp and quite persuasive, they cover different range of problems beside addictions such as family relations (divorce), xenophobia, tolerance, traffic behavior and etc.