M. Perlado, C. Ojeda, G. Baron

Universidad Nebrija (SPAIN)
In 2009 the Nebrija University received funding from the call for grants Avanza II of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade of Spain for a research project called MARKETNET. The project involved the construction and commissioning of a online marketing training web site oriented to advice the Spanish-speaking SMEs. During development of the site, the Faculty of Communication Sciences at Nebrija University investigated and discovered the need for training in the field of marketing and digital advertising not only for Hispanic SMEs but for a significant core of professionals from the off line environment as well as young graduates interested in additional training in this field that evolves so quickly.

The aim of this poster is to share with the academic community a case study on the implementation of the online master's degree in marketing and digital advertising; with special attention to the background, context, accreditation, characteristics, methodology, selection of teachers and career development, among others. This is an academic program conceived in a competitive research project whose results have been, apart form producing a training and counseling web, the development of a master's degree focused on providing advanced knowledge and skills necessary to develop a career in the marketing and digital communication environment. A case where research, education and profession have gone hand in hand.

Today the field of advertising and marketing is in full transformation by the digitization of media. Internet has become the medium that has developed fastest in the history of international communication. In this context there is a growing demand for professionals adapted to emerging technologies because the new business models developed in the sector makes necessary new professional profiles.

This master was credited by ANECA in June 2011 and will be launched in October 2012. Only on-line mode, it will incorporate the e-learning platform Blackboard Learn which offers technological tools for distance learning such as forums, videoconferencing, delivery of papers or document repositories. Moreover it also includes survey instruments and exercises to interact with students, checking their progress in each subject.

The management of the program is designed so that the student learns to be able to design the whole structure of the communication and digital marketing process. From defining objectives and setting strategies to creating a corporate website or the sales campaign implementation (communication, loyalty, promotion). And means for tracking and measuring its effectiveness, through the resources offered by the network for knowledge and consumer segmentation.

The faculty has been selected following academic standards but also taking in consideration the demands of the sector, talking with associations such as Adigital, AERCO, IAB Spain, among others.

Future careers, once surpassed the training program, will be on project management, Digital Web Project Management, Community Manager, Digital Planner and SEO and SEM consultant.