M. Pérez Ferra1, R. Quijano López2, M.T. Ocaña Moral2, M.D. Molina Jaén1

1Universidad de Jaén, Departamento de Pedagogía (SPAIN)
2Universidad de Jaén, Departamento de Didáctica de las Ciencias (SPAIN)
Nowadays, one of the most interesting aspects of the educational research is the evaluation of the level of competencies acquisition. The design of tasks and activities in order to favour their assessment and to allow the classroom intervention is one of the fundamental aspects for teaching development.

At the same time, we have realized how the new technologies related to the information and communication (ICT), have been used more and more in the university teaching. At the present they are considered a very important support for this teaching and, sometimes, the base of the educational system. This kind of resources has gone from a work tool in some specialized sectors to a teaching resource that is demanded and used for both the teacher and the student.

In order to respond to this evolution of the needs of training and to our objectives, either in teaching or in research, our work group requested an innovation project (PID43_201113) in 2011 (University of Jaen).The first phase of this project allowed us to design a valid and reliable evaluation tool for professional competencies and learning results for prospective teachers (Pre-Primary and Primary Education).

The development of the second phase of this project, has allowed us to get its second objective: “to design a program of online assessment for these professional competencies that teachers must have”.

In this phase, different learning and assessment tasks have been designed. Some of them are related to “correct or incorrect” teaching practices. This implies that the students have, not only to do their tasks, but to identify and to differentiate what is correct or not in their professional development. Finally, the work we have done in this project allow us to assessment the level of professional competencies acquisition of prospective teachers when they have developed their teaching practice in a teaching centre.