M. Pérez-Bermejo, F. Arteaga, M.T. Murillo-Llorente

Universidad Católica de Valencia San Vicente Mártir (SPAIN)
The aim of the dissemination of research results in health sciences is one of the weak points in current teaching-learning systems. With this project it was tried to put in contact the students of the subjects that include research with the real world of the specialized publications, with the objective of motivating and awakening in the student the research vocation. This experience was carried out with the students of the fourth year of the Degree in Nutrition of the Faculty of Medicine of the Catholic University of Valencia San Vicente Mártir within the framework of the subject "Documentation and Research Techniques", with the data provided from the SONEV Research Group (Overweight, Obesity, Nutrition and Lifestyles), of the same Faculty, writing scientific articles with these data and sending them to specialized journals in Health Sciences.

• Motivate and awaken in the students of the last year of the Degree of Human Nutrition and Dietetics the research vocation.
• Promote a high satisfaction rate among students after the publication of research articles in specialized journals
• Know the student's perception of the training received for the publication of articles
• Know the possible incidents in the realization of the project with respect to real publications in specialized magazines

In the presentation of the subject, the students were surprised at the objective because it seemed unattainable, but during the development of the subject, three scientific articles were written, of which two were original investigations and a systematic review, which were sent at the end of the subject (December 2018) to specialized journals. The students carried out the process of searching for the most appropriate journals, writing according to the norms of the journal and sending them to those journals. Subsequently, the two research articles were rejected because they did not reach a sufficient priority and the decision on the systematic review is still awaited. However, the objective of writing and sending an article to a scientific journal has been successfully completed. After the completion of the experience, a significant improvement in the self-perceived preparation and satisfaction of the student was obtained. A level of satisfaction was obtained with the development of the subject of 7.08 of 10 and a level of satisfaction with the training received of 6.54 of 10. All agreed on the perception that teamwork was strengthened.
As an unfavorable point in the experience, there is a predominance of criticisms of the procedure for submitting articles, which students consider to be cumbersome and the rules of writing, which they consider complicated.

The real publication in journals specialized in health sciences is a good learning mechanism in the research methodology subjects. Students are involved in learning because of the added advantage of real work and the satisfaction of trying to see it published in a specialized journal.