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J. Pérez Beltrán1, R.P. Ñeco García2, A. Bia Platas2

1Universidad de Alicante (SPAIN)
2Universidad Miguel Hernández (SPAIN)
In this paper we describe different experiences of the authors in the use of Wiki technology applied to teaching in technology courses, at university level and secondary education. The method has been applied in the Degrees in Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering and courses on Information Technology and Communications in Secondary Education. The aim of the study was to evaluate the usefulness and effectiveness of using Wiki platforms for collaborative development of study material in such technology-related subjects.

The experiences described in the paper include the following:
(1) the collaborative creation of notes and glossaries on various topics by the students;
(2) assessment of the methodology and technology used by the students;
(3) the assessment of the Wiki content by the students themselves (peer review), with the aim of encouraging critical thinking of students to evaluate the work of others and themselves, and also draw useful conclusions, and comparison of results obtained in university courses and Secondary Education, and between groups in which this technology was applied with respect to others groups.