This paper has as the main goal to inform that using E-tandem with students from the English Bachelor Undergraduate Degree, Faculty of Education at Universidad Autonoma del Carmen could enhance their writing skills through e-tandem activities during the process of learning English as a Foreign language. E-tandem has been used for linguistics in different approaches like constructivism and cognitive psychology in the nineties, since its born it has been a tool to research about how two learners could support from each other’s mother and target language learning process. This exchange is based in two principles: reciprocity and learner autonomy. As reciprocity, learners contribute each other with knowledge and skills in their learning process. And as learner autonomy each student is responsible of his learning, what and how he would like to learn. Pollyglotter platform was used to look for an e-tandem exchange. English native speakers students and Mexican ones have participated mutually, they have sent emails in English and Spanish. The exchange lasted a term and there was a topic guiding list but some slightly changes were done according to the Spanish class topics. They had two weeks to reply their e-tandem partner ‘s email. Then, the topic was changed. After each completed section learners have filled in a reflection form which collected data about the tools or strategies they had being using while writing their emails. Those reflections will be analyzed and conclusions will be drawn if the writing skill is enhancing or not and what other factors could be considered for a future e-tandem project.