A. Pérez, R. Carranza

Universidad de Guadalajara (MEXICO)
Today the Information Technology and Communication (ICT) have been used progressively in education and thereby have tried to make the process of learning to be high quality and appropriate teaching practices to achieve world efficiently technological and academic performance of students. To accomplish this, the teacher plays an important role, as the activities of the teacher in the classroom are very important for the student to learn and develop the desired skills, so that integrates them to their daily work life and professional, so the implementation of ICT in education is a major challenge for learning, for which it is important that the teacher should integrate a considerable number of strategies that support teaching and classroom work. However many studies show that teachers do not have a training involving optimum utilization of ICT and therefore, are not adequately prepared to deal with the problems involved in the use of technology in Mexican classrooms. In the case of High School Education System of the University of Guadalajara (UofG), in the State of Jalisco, Mexico, is proposed as an objective the use of ICT in language teaching, nevertheless, the results have not been very successful in this regard, so, through this work we want to know how teachers use technology to support teaching of English, and thus investigate this issue specifically in a high school of the UofG in the city of Tepatitlán; through which we will know what technological support tools are used by teachers, in addition we will analyze the attitude and perspective of teachers regarding the use of ICT in this type of education. This research is intended to be done under the qualitative approach with semi-structured interviews that will be used to collect information and thereby deepen theoretical and global aspects of this issue and the grounds on which it rests, specifically in attitudes and perspectives that teachers show using ICT. This work constitutes a first approach to the analysis of the use of ICT in teaching in high school and based on this make a proposal for improvement that allows the incorporation of technology as a tool to support the teaching of English.