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R. Perelló, C. Sentieri, J.D. Segrelles, J. Santonja, A. Guerrero, F. Estellés

Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (SPAIN)
The learning process of students can be significantly improved by getting more out of the class sessions.
In different areas of technical education, it is very usual to find a reduced attendance at sessions, as well as low participation in virtual meetings. This leads to a decrease in student academic performance.
At the Polytechnic University of Valencia, several actions are being developed aimed at improving the processes of student learning. Among these measures, we highlight the so-called active learning methodologies.
One of the goals of active learning methodologies is to enhance student motivation, which leads to get more out of classes.
In this context, this paper presents the evaluation of various motivational techniques applied in different degrees of the UPV. The study was carried out in six subjects belonging to different degrees taught in the Polytechnic University of Valencia: Architecture, Industrial Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering and Master in Occupational Health and Safety.
The methodologies used in those fields were: cooperative work, formative evaluation, one minute papers, participatory lectures, activities with deliverables in classroom, case study throughout the course, project-based learning and planning of tutorial action both face and virtual.
The groups in which these methodologies were applied were heterogeneous with regard to academic year and group size.
As a result of these actions, it was obtained on the one hand an increase in student attendance at classes, and secondly improving their participation, both in sessions and in the virtual. It was also detected, in general terms, an improvement in student performance. Thus, one can conclude that the active learning methodologies described improve participation, motivation and profit of the sessions by students.