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E. Pellicer1, V. Yepes1, J.C. Teixeira2, H. Moura3, J. Catalá1

1Universitat Politècnica de València (SPAIN)
2Universidade do Minho (PORTUGAL)
3Autoestradas de Portugal, S.A. (PORTUGAL)
Construction is set within a sensitive socio-political environment, affected by the need to protect the fundamental rights of persons, such as public health, homes, road safety, environmental integration, etc. In a broader sense, construction is an important motor and, at times, an obstacle to economic growth. Focusing on the construction phase of that process, and from the contractor’s point of view chosen, an envisioned outline of the management at the construction site is looked for, from the signing of the contract to the beginning of the operational phase. From this standpoint, the handbook aims to develop a useful and applied text for students in postgraduate construction programmes. It is based on previous experience in several Leonardo da Vinci projects financed by the European Union. Every chapter begins with educational objectives that allow the reader to know in advance its focus. Furthermore, it includes many cites in throughout the text in order to provide clues to post-graduate students in key issues that can allow them to deepen their knowledge. Other recommended books for further reading are also indicated at the end of each chapter. European examples, best practices and procedures are incorporated using “boxes” in the text. Furthermore, figures and tables try to clarify the main concepts for the readers.