A. Peiro-Signes, O. Trull-Dominguez, M. Segarra-Oña, M. de Miguel-Molina

Universitat Politècnica de València (SPAIN)
This paper develops an Experiential Learning Activity (ELA) to learn Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) technique. Developing an experience through a hands-on activity can report many benefits such as, learning about specific concept in a meaningful way, maintain students’ motivation or work on transversal competences. We use a team activity with a custom made device to apply and then analyze the SMED technique. Students are encouraged to make the change over in less than 3 seconds. Following the SMED steps students measure the initial time to make the change over, separate internal from external setup operations, convert internal to external setup and streamline the remaining internal and external activities to achieve the initial goal. The results of the first execution of the activity indicate that the designed activity encourages participation and analysis skills. Moreover, students were able to remember the basic SMED steps and principles after several sessions, which is an indicator of meaningful learning. Overall, students were very satisfied with the session and they would recommend it to learn about the SMED technique.