A. Peiro-Signes, M. Segarra-Oña

Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (SPAIN)
In this work we describe the results of the implementation of an Experiential Learning Activity (ELA) that illustrates the principles of project management as a tool to dynamize classroom activity. Through the activity "Sky is the limit" by Cook and Olson (2006) we simulate a real application of project management team. This activity aims to introduce students in the planning, design and construction of structures to achieve within a limited time and a previously established goal. The activity has two clear objectives. On the one hand, it allows us to introduce students in the knowledge of the three main dimensions of a project: time, resources and results. On the other hand, allows the teacher to stimulate a class that using traditional learning methods, it has proven to be relatively unattractive and boring for students. Common shared experiences during the activity also serve as a basis to facilitate higher levels of learning in the field of project management, it allows us to work different transversal issues such as curriculum, teamwork and leadership skills. This paper focuses on how such activities allow the teacher to pivot from a role content emisor to a role of learning facilitator. This role of facilitator helps to center the learning process arround the students and allows learning time in the classroom to be more dynamic and motivating for students. The assessment of students during the 4 experiments carried out in different groups and educational levels allows us to conclude that the session is more dynamic, motivating and challenging for students, the level of satisfaction increases and learning the basics has been verified in subsequent assessment tests. On the other hand, the valuation of participating teachers is aligned with students and encouraged them to search for these activities in other sessions of the course.