As a research and extension tool of the Andalusian government, The Instituto de Investigación y Formación Agraria y Pesquera (IFAPA) is developing a range of research, technology transfer and training activities to promote the modernization of the Andalusian Agriculture, Fisheries and Food sector, and to guarantee the correct implementation of Common Agricultural Policy directives.

This work has focused on the IFAPA´s training program, especially with respect to e-learning program. A summary of how IFAPA´s traditional training model was transferred to the e-learning platform is provided, and it’s analyzed how the teaching and training activities have evolved since then. Special attention is paid to tracking the changing use. IFAPA´s online platform was launched in May 2010. It was initially oriented as a virtual training alternative for farmers who were required to attend institutional training, and make their training and work schedules compatible. Although gradually specialized training has become increasingly important. In the data examined has been identified that training programs are most useful within each type of training. On the other hand the student profile of the training platform has been characterized and compared IFAPA profitability between classroom and online training programs.