M. Pavlova, D. Stoyanova, K. Bosakova, M. Atanasova

University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (BULGARIA)
The issue of leadership and leadership positions is a basic key to achieve organizational efficiency. On the one hand, it is seen as the presence of a certain set of attributes inherent in one person who exerts influence on the others. On the other hand, leadership is essentially a process of non-violent influence targeted towards the achievement of group goals or goals of the organization.

The objectives and activities set out in the project are based on the hypothesis that the role of leaders also changes in the dynamically changing social environment. The importance of the leader’s image also increases in the different groups and exerts influence on the other members of the group in order to achieve common organizational goals and objectives in university information environment.

The image has undoubtedly become an integral part of any organization. It fosters the creation of harmonious and stable relationships and connections with society. Nowadays universities are not just directly linked with society. They also have their impact on its status and development. Accordingly, the image of the university institution is of great importance as a factor that generates confidence in it and guarantees corporate advantages. The effective, beneficial image of the university is a set of positive characteristics of the university, which, to a large extent helps it achieve its main goals. It is the image that increases the competitiveness of the educational services market. The positive image of the university not only attracts users of educational services. It also creates values which guide the university when training specialists, demonstrates the openness of the educational institution and its participation in solving economic and social problems in the country.

The article presents the significance of the university's image and the need to explore the relationship - image – leadership positions - corporate advantages of the university, both inside the university environment itself, as well as in its positioning in global, social environment.