S. Pargina1, F. Paragina2, A. Jipa3

1National Centre for Staff Training In Pre-University Education (ROMANIA)
2Teacher Training Center (ROMANIA)
3Faculty of Physics, University of Bucharest (ROMANIA)
Some personals experiences as trainer in Teachers Training Programs. We present our observations, presumptions, expectations and conclusions about the communications pathways opening between trainer and trainees, after video presentation moments.
Sometimes, the training activities for in-service teachers are non attractive or even boring and need something to refresh the trainees’ attention. Usually, at the beginning of the training this kind of activity is named “ice breaking”. The ice breaking methods contribute to improve communications and produce a better feed-back reaction from the trainees. Using videos to prove the course’ needed ideas or facts on entire time of training create a real opening of trainees’ minds for accept the transfer of information from trainer.
The video films allow to the trainer to design in a better way the classroom management, the lesson planning, the language of praise, the intercultural learning, designing teaching materials.
Inserting a video change the learning environment, offering to the trainees unexpected experiences the trainer assure an optimal communication and for long time the attention of their students.
A video is not a coffee break, but it is a real refreshment for emotional implication of in service teachers training.