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Z. Pardo

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (COLOMBIA)
This abstract presents the results for the research done for 18 months in the Pedagogical University of Colombia, where a virtual eLearning environment was developed. This project produces a material for the teaching of steel structures connections design. This propose aim to continuing educations of civil engineers and applied de self-regulated learning supported the theories of (Zimmerman & Schunk, 2001), and the model of information processing of Winne and propose a pedagogical model for the virtual learning environment.
Appling the method GRACE in Spanish or MRACA (Management, Requirements, Architecture, Construction and Assessment), the eLearning environment was developed and present the different requirements.

First it presents the exploration stage previous the initial proposal, later the tests with it. With the results there is a new proposal and a pilot test. Finally, presents the assessment for the final environment and the results analysis.
The environment presents VLO (Virtual Learning Objects), across ebooks, these written for the author, with the didactic principles.
At this time, the results of this research are used in the continuing education courses in the National Univesity of Colombia.