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K. Papoušková, M. Telecký

Institute of Technology and Business in Ceske Budejovice (CZECH REPUBLIC)
The research deals with the problem of behavior of full-time students at the university. The analysis of the study is focused on Mathematics and Statistics which are generally considered as demanding subjects. Students are not affected by the difficulty of the study in the first year only but also by the time schedule of the teaching during the week. Analysis of the time trend shows the change in students´ activity depending on the chapters taught. Due to the compulsory attendance requirement, we can support the research with relevant data. The aim is to analyze and provide a comprehensive overview of student´s activities and their success rate during the semester. On the bases of previous findings, it is possible to identify which chapters of selected subjects significantly influence the mental stress of students and what subsequent activity course can be expected. The result of the analysis is a proposal for the optimization of the time schedule requirements and appropriate allocation of time funds for both subjects.