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K. Papouskova

Institute of Technology and Business (CZECH REPUBLIC)
External transport costs are becoming an integral part of investment decisions in transportation. They are affected by a range of economic, technical, ecological or social conditions. Several important and up-to-date externalities which face all business entities and especially distribution companies have been selected for this article.

Our institute offers a range of technical, economic and transportation subjects.
That is why we have addressed students with a case study in which they utilize the knowledge of the previous study.

With regard to logistics, students from the follow-up study of Transport Logistics were selected to participate in the analysis.

For each factor, they tested a combination of applied mathematics and operational research and gradually analyzed the possible impacts of these factors on the open economy system.

The aim of the project was to show students a wide use of knowledge across several scientific disciplines that our school offers to students.

It has been found that students are very well experienced in the problematics and are able to transfer their knowledge into the practice. Another project is scheduled for the next semester.