D.G. Papi

Politecnico di Milano (ITALY)
In this report we give account of our research on the relation between representation and architectural design: we highlight how the representation historically has always supported and even influenced the shape of objects that took place through its tools.

Therefore, we also want to show how today the architectural project continues to be in the same relationship with its representation, but that some innovative elements of representation itself are for the first time in conflict with the architectural content of the project.

This is sometimes the result of the improper use of tools of great power and influence such as computers, which must certainly be introduced in the practice of the representation of the project, but which are not to be seen as just the unavoidable consequence of the simple natural course of evolution in graphic techniques, being instead the emblem of the need to rethink of contemporary architecture in its theoretical asset.

This research has a particular significance because the conclusions to which it leads become important elements of the transfer of competence to the teaching of architecture in the form of theoretical relapse.