Arab Open University (KUWAIT)
About this paper:
Appears in: INTED2009 Proceedings
Publication year: 2009
Pages: 396-404
ISBN: 978-84-612-7578-6
ISSN: 2340-1079
Conference name: 3rd International Technology, Education and Development Conference
Dates: 9-11 March, 2009
Location: Valencia, Spain
My paper will present an analysis of various multi-media components like audio CDs,film DVDs,internet,powerpoint displays which may be used as support material in e-learning.The Arab Open University at Kuwait and its seven branches in the Middle East,is at present using a Learning Management System(LMS)to facilitate open learning.My paper will discuss the potential of this online system in the dissemination of English literature courses of the Open University UK which are being taught at the Arab Open University.My findings will be based on actual experience and the feedback of students doing these courses.
Students of an open university,study under various constraints like work and family responsibilities.The teacher student contact hours through the semesters are comparatively less than in a regular conventional university,and the English/foreign literature course packages with books and media components are extensive in nature.Besides,students in an open university are mobile because of their expanding career goals and need to continue their studies from wherever they are.In these circumstances,the learning management system(LMS) is an invaluable solution since it provides a 24 hour teaching platform liberating students from the constraints of time and place.
The English Literature courses of the UK Open University discuss culturally alien themes and refer to exotic flora and fauna and cultural objects with which Arab learners are not familiar.In such a situation,the use of multi-media provides valuable support in helping students to visualise and experience alien environments and to grasp the key concepts faster.They not only provide visual and aural stimuli for enhanced understanding,but extend the perspectives of knowledge given in the printed texts.
Films based on the novels in the literature courses,like "Pride and Prejudice","Great Expectations","A Passage to India",and,"The Empire of the Sun",and Shakespeare's plays like,"Othello" and "Julius Caesar"show dramatic representions of historical panoramas and the social milieu of different lands in action.The students live these experiences vicariously and are transported to another period of history.
Audio CDs which are part of the English Literature course packages are an effective device to teach various aspects of the discourse of poetry like rhythm,rhyme and their effect on meaning.In fact,often the poetry is read out by the poets themselves adding to the authenticity of the teaching. The audio CDs have recordings of discussions on literary themes by academics and authorities on a subject.
multi media support literature open learning.