B. Pańczyk, T. Zientarski

Lublin University of Technology (POLAND)
The Journal of Computer Sciences Institute (JCSI) has been electronically published by the Institute of Computer Science at the Lublin University of Technology since 2016. According to recommendations of the Polish Ministry of Education, the master thesis should have features of a scientific work.

Thus, the idea of the journal is to enable students, especially second or master degree ones, to publish their research results in Open Access format. The subject area of the JCSI covers IT and its application in various fields of science and technology.
The goal of this paper is to examine whether there is a significant influence of our journal on enhancing the skills of preparing scientific papers.

To confirm or reject this proposition we put forward four working hypotheses:
1. Popularisation of scientific articles makes it easier to properly edit students’ scientific work.
2. Getting to know the contents of articles helps to prepare scientifically correct papers.
3. There is a need to provide open access for students’ work.
4. The interest in the publication of results of students’ research is low.

To confirm these hypothesis we surveyed second degree IT students who were just graduating. The students’ opinions were collected as the outcome of their replies to the survey questions. The results of the survey are presented and discussed in the current article.
Additionally, the article presents students’ opinion about transparency, accessibility, and usability of the JCSI website.