This paper is based on a Knowledge Transfer Program between Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and the local municipal on communicating environmental awareness. It presents aspects of language and discourse that are to be taken into consideration in communicating environmental issues to the public. It focuses in specific on water information access and its discourse. Information is the first step to solutions towards awareness of the need for improved water management. Recognizing the right information to be communicated well to the campus community and the general public in order to change behavior and attitude for better and sustainable water quality and supply is invaluable. Information needs to be packaged in a simple and easy to understand forms to facilitate people from all walks of life to participate in water-related decisions. The forms and discourse of the language used to disseminate and engage public water discourse is an important consideration to achieve this goal. We piloted a survey questionnaire on 35 respondents on university campus to identify respondents’ knowledge and level of awareness on water issues. These preliminary findings show the type of information and knowledge that need prioritization to educate and promote such awareness. It also indicates a framework to develop the discourse for a potential educational training program that respective parties can undertake in communicating and promoting awareness on environmental water issue.