I. Otero-González 1, D. Pantazatos2, M. Grammatikou2, D. Docampo3

1University of Vigo, AtlantTIC (SPAIN)
2National Technical University of Athens (GREECE)
3University of Vigo, AtlantTIC, Department of Signal and Communications (SPAIN)
Nowadays data are growing more and more every second. Although we are aware that this huge amount of data reflect how is our behaviour and what topics are attracting more us, there are still 75% of missing incredibly and useful information.

The scope of this paper, is to provide the lessons learned by the implementation of Learning Analytics in a Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (NGDLE). European Horizon 2020 project Up2University (Up2U) provides an NGDLE environment, for bridging the gap between secondary and tertiary education. In order to bridge this gap, it also utilizes Learning Analytics in order to help teachers to see learners’ behaviour in their courses. This kind of data, will help teachers to design or redesign their courses in a more efficient way.
In order to help teachers use the Learning Platform, the Up2U project conducted an extensive Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program in 7 countries ( Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Poland, Portugal). Part of this CPD, was a module dedicated to the effective usage of the Learning Analytics. The partners in each country they were free to organize this module according to their local needs. In this paper the Greek and the Spanish case will be presented.
Furthermore, we know that Learning Analytics it selfs is not enough, the tools and the integration of tools to track all as possible is a crucial part of this great service. However we identify some easy and quickly to pick targets that make us to take a decisions. Moreover we share in this paper some other helpful strategic to take advantage of all graph generated from the data collected.

To sum up, this paper is a fantastic opportunity to have a first contact with Learning Analytics, to check tools suggested by our mass of educational community and finally to facilitate teachers and other staff to make or change some decisions looking the real time tracking.