N. Orloev, H. Beloev, M. Iliev, Y. Vassilev, K. Uzunov, P. Boneva

University of Ruse "Angel Kanchev" (BULGARIA)
Global problems are generally known in higher education in an era without precedent in the past - an era of unique knowledge economy.

Significant attention is given to the global picture, picture of the Whole for higher education in "economy – market" meta-system with its four independent and interconnected subsystems:
1) University;
2) Organizations;
3) "Factories of thoughts";
4) State institutions. Non-governmental organizations. Non-profit organizations.

In summarizing ideas and recommendations of the most influential living thinkers known as pleiad of "The Thinkers 50", formed in the period 2001 - 2013, the authors of this study provide a complete concept, principles and approaches for gradual transformation of the higher education as an adequate strategy and tools of the knowledge economy.

They also share their realized projects at the University of Ruse, Bulgaria, and as an argument of approbation, as well as a call to other universities for exchange of experiences and effective cooperation of mutual interest and benefit.