N. Orloev, H. Beloev, P. Boneva

University of Ruse (BULGARIA)
Semantic circle of visual forms (images, pictures, compositions, works) is new idea which stimulates the creative and innovative thinking in education and practice. It introduces new approaches, methods and techniques in the analysis and synthesis of visualization, communication and presentation.
Having found application in the training of different disciplines of the University of Bulgaria, the semantic circle is acquired and applied very effectively in the first semesters in a creative and innovative training on aesthetic principles.

This study reveals the structure, nature, principles and applications of semantic circle in the analysis and synthesis of visual solutions, including in the solving of creative and innovative problems with different thematic purpose.

It deserves to be emphasized that the semantic circle in the character of a strategy and tools becomes the creative foundation for the building not only of visual but also of verbal forms, respectively - of images of the words and thoughts.