P. Oreski

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Teacher Education (CROATIA)
Every elementary school teacher should have the necessary knowledge on e-learning for hers/his own personal training and also for preparation of on-line courses using some learning management system, e.g. Moodle, Claroline, etc.
This paper presents the research results on the acceptance of e-learning technologies by students of Faculty of Teacher Education of the University of Zagreb. The study was conducted using a questionnaire on a population consisting of fifty Informatics module students.
Author explores students' previous experience in the field of e-learning, necessary background ICT knowledge, interest in e-learning, possible difficulties in learning of e-learning and motivation for applying e-learning in professional work in elementary school.
The research results can help the educators to better understand the students' ICT and, especially, e-learning needs and possibly to adjust or improve the Faculty ICT curriculum.