J. Oravcová, M. Matúšová, M. Kusá

Slovak University of technology in Bratislava (SLOVAKIA)
The paper deals with problematics of effective evaluation of education process quality at the universities. System of evaluation has an aim to create a room for improvement of a level of students understanding. Simultanneously, it should provide continuity of students knowledge with requirements of comunity.System will enable a measurement of the quality of the university education system at the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava, Slovak University of technology in Bratislava, Slovakia. The paper deals with verification of students knowledge at the universities using e-learning. Since e-learning enables full implementation of on-line education and testing it is necessary to analyze advantages and disadvantages of e-learning during the education process with computer programs - softwares.Witness the world's leading simulation software used in dealing with production, service and logistics processes. Allows you to simulate the working environment, simulate consequences of different decisions and understand no matter how complicated the process even before implementation of proposed solutions. Managers to help minimize the risks changes in society and the result are greater trust management companies for new projects. The system for creating interactive visual simulation model. Dynamically displays movement and state of the elements (components) for the specified elements (reservoir, machine, conveyor, etc.)