A.X. Oña Serrano, O. Pantoja Díaz

Escuela Politécnica Nacional (ECUADOR)
The University, as a promoter of innovation activities, constitutes a solid supporter to develop new products, services and new business models. Through research, and with the engagement of students and professors with the community, universities can generate various solutions to give to the society practical and feasible alternatives to latent problems such as poverty, social exclusion and unemployment.

The present research aims to identify the principal drivers of entrepreneurship, where the university is a key actor. The social entrepreneur searches for solutions to solve society problems, including elements such as value, knowledge, capabilities and recourses available in the community. Being the university an active stakeholder in the entrepreneurial process, it is important to investigate and highlight its role, and studying the relationship among the different parts involved.

The methodology employed in this work is a literature review, and the results remark the positive effect when the higher education institutions promotes entrepreneurship programs as a strategic action.