N. Omoregbe, A. Azeta, U. Bello-Osagie, M. Agarana

Covenant University (NIGERIA)
In the last few decades, education has witnessed some advances in technologies involving radio, television, and computer-aided learning that promised to drastically change the ways of teaching and learning. The World Wide Web has played a major role in information storage and dissemination in the educational community. Conventional class room base teaching involves the delivery of course materials by the lecturer in a particular place at a defined time. Hence it imposes a constraint of time and place on both the instructor and the student. Due to the human factor, the lecturer may not always be able to put the optimum effort towards preparing and delivering course materials. There may also be inconsistencies in the lessons due to too much repetition. The objective of this paper is to develop a virtual classroom system to support the convenient learning on campus. PHP was used for the server side and front end respectively. While MySQL serves as the database. The web-based virtual classroom is to provide a web enabled interactive model of e-learning in which the course material is presented using the advantages of multimedia and hypermedia.