A. Oluwatayo, I. Ezema, A. Opoko, O. Uwakonye

Covenant University (NIGERIA)
Design is core to architectural education and requires the personal efforts on the part of the students. This is because design learning is practice-based. Previous studies have also emphasised the role of motivation in learning. It has been said that motivated students tend to take responsibility for their studies. This study therefore investigates the relationship between motivation and self-regulated learning. The study answers two questions: How do students define their motivational beliefs? How do these beliefs regulate their learning? The data for this study were obtained from a survey of architecture students in a University in Nigeria, using questionnaires. The factors that describe motivation were obtained using principal factor analysis. Aspects of motivation that significantly influenced self-regulated learning were identified using regression analysis. The findings of the study suggest areas that educationists could focus on to encourage architecture students to participate more actively in design learning. Implications of the findings were discussed.