E. Olinky

Tel-Aviv University (ISRAEL)
Clinical studies are professional training where the student experiences the actual work of occupational therapy profession in the "field" while integrating with theoretical material of the academic studies and thus materializing their professional personality. The B.O.T. program of Occupational Therapy, includes 1000 hours of clinical studies which are 1/3 of the entire program, and is spread over 3 periods (8 weeks, 9 weeks, and 13 weeks); it is accompanied by close supervision of a certified occupational therapist.

The clinical studies goal is to train independent, competent, sensitive, humanistic and client-centered therapists.
The Department of Occupational Therapy is committed to provide the students an excellent physical and humanistic environment which will meet all learning needs while emphasizing on supervision during the personal and professional growth process and thus train excellent preceptors who are oriented to the ever changing needs of the students. In order to ensure such training environment, the clinical staff of the Department of Occupational Therapy, developed a unique training certification course. This course provides occupational therapists, professional and theoretical knowledge in the field of training. It also gives the opportunity to relate to the student experience during the clinical affiliation period.

For 10 years now, this intensive course is thought by the Department of Clinical Studies, accompanied by organizational psychologist. The preceptors are acquiring training tools while experiencing typical situations in the "field" such as intakes, feedbacks, evaluations and more through simulation, role-playing, reflection and other unique methods. This format enables the preceptors to experience the fieldwork from the students' point of view. Course's graduates report that in addition to the practical tools they gained personal empowerment. Moreover students who were trained by them indicated their extraordinary abilities to provide professional, supporting and accepting training.