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F. Olabarrieta1, E. Arranz1, A. Manzano2, J. Martín2, N. Galende1

1Basque Country University (SPAIN)
2ETXADI Centro Universitario de Psicología de la Familia (SPAIN)
The research and applied services group Etxadi ( founded by researches and professionals in the field of parenting practices, has been offering since 2005 a on line support service for parents in order to help them to learn new strategies to improve their educational process with their children inside the family. Parents can freely contact with the group through electronic mail and can obtain specific advising related to the problem they are involved related to their children education. Families begin an interactional relationship with the support group in order to follow up the efficacy of the program or orientations practiced with their children. The on line educational support service is also a tool for research, as it is a way to know which are the most frequent questions asked by families. This data is very useful for institutions as a basis for designing preventative campaigns to disseminate messages related to family education and prevention. The on line educational support service is becoming a continuum process of family education carried out by institutions in close collaboration with a research group located at the Basque Country University (Spain). The service is also linked to different educational resources for families that are conducted with different institutional social services. The whole number of families oriented by this service is 2000 from the beginning of the experience.