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J. Ojasalo1, J. Silmukari2

1Laurea University of Applied Sciences / University of Helsinki / University of Johannesburg-South Africa (FINLAND)
2Laurea University of Applied Sciences (FINLAND)
This paper introduces an analysis framework for understanding and developing user experience in technical remote assistance in industrial maintenance service. This paper is an example of university-industry collaboration. It is part of a research conducted at a university aiming at solving a practical problem in a global case company. This paper delimits its focus in introducing and motivating the relevance of the analysis framework. The following next step of the project is the application of the introduced analysis framework in order to understand the user’s requirements of an advanced remote assistance concept for generating accurate insights to support the future decision-making in the case company. So far, very little knowledge is available about user experience of remote assistance systems, thus there is a clear need for effective analysis frameworks in this area. The present paper responds to this need. Firstly, it introduces the background of developing an analysis framework for user experience in technical remote assistance. Secondly, it reviews the recent literature of this area. Thirdly, it introduces the analysis framework, which was developed jointly with the key stakeholders of the research project in the case company. Then, it draws the conclusions and explains what kind of aspects of technical remote assistance in industrial maintenance can be analysed and improved with the framework.