C. Ogbulogo, T. George, D. Olukanni

Covenant University (NIGERIA)
Globally, Universities exist to teach, carry out research and engage in community service. As knowledge centers and major contributors to the manpower resources of the nation’s economy, the place of teaching, effective learning and quality delivery should not be underestimated. One of the key performance indicators (KPI) for World University Ranking by the Times Higher Education is teaching. Although teaching involves a series of activities to enhance learning, past studies have shown that students or learners get easily bored with long lecture sessions and worse still retain less than 25percent of what is taught. Thus, the new skills, processes and information intended may not be maximized. There is a suspicion that Universities in most of Africa, including Nigeria may not have appealed to the senses of the students through a multi-modal approach including the use of teaching aids. This study intends to examine the role of teaching aids (gadgets, resources and materials) in enhancing effective teaching outcomes and quality delivery in Covenant University, a Nigerian Private University with a view to drawing some lessons. It identifies the range of teaching aids and processes adopted by the University in her drive towards the fulfillment of a global mandate of becoming one of the first ten Universities in the world. The study adopts the social learning theory and survey design for data collection. Results from the questionnaire administered to selected teaching staff and students as well as interviews of key personnel of the University will form the basis for conclusions and recommendations in this study. It is intended that the wider sociological implications will be emphasized just as we position teaching as an aspect of strategic communication.