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Pages: 7957-7961
Publication year: 2018
ISBN: 978-84-09-05948-5
ISSN: 2340-1095
doi: 10.21125/iceri.2018.0426

Conference name: 11th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation
Dates: 12-14 November, 2018
Location: Seville, Spain


C. O'Donnell, T. Lavery, A. Mooney

Ulster University (UNITED KINGDOM)
The VEX Robotics’ Challenge is an all-inclusive STEM programme and competition which has been delivered by the Connecting STEM Teachers Programme of the Royal Academy of Engineering and Ulster University to young people from a diverse range of post-primary schools since 2015. It is being delivered four times most recently in June 2018. Some earlier findings were disseminated previously to ICERI in 2017.

Upon joining the programme schools are given a VEX Clawbot kit to build and practice controlling within STEM clubs. It is designed to provide opportunities for both special needs and non-special needs students to engage with robotics throughout the school year within their school STEM clubs. A key objective for STEM clubs is to undertake additional research, activities and reports related to the application of robotics for space exploration, medicine, bomb disposal and career pathways in the field of robotics. Participating schools are then invited to come together to compete in an annual competition event.

The session will collate and showcase some key evaluation findings over the years including the 2018 results. Presenters will also share insights, reflections, lessons learned and the recipe for its success.

It will also disseminate enhancements to the programme over the years, redesigned as a result of feedback received from organisers, teachers and participants. It will also showcase case studies from a range of participating schools about how the schools, teacher and pupils are benefiting and learning from engaging with STEM clubs and the programme.

New plans to offer CPD opportunities for teachers to further support STEM Clubs and provide teachers with the skills necessary to promote increased knowledge and understanding about robotics among pupils and increase interest in careers in STEM will be presented.

This session should appeal to those with an interest in STEM, robotics, schools outreach, widening access and participation and inclusivity.
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AU - C. O'Donnell AU - T. Lavery AU - A. Mooney
SN - 978-84-09-05948-5/2340-1095
DO - 10.21125/iceri.2018.0426
PY - 2018
Y1 - 12-14 November, 2018
CI - Seville, Spain
JO - 11th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation
JA - ICERI2018 Proceedings
SP - 7957
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C. O'Donnell, T. Lavery, A. Mooney (2018) A ROBOTICS RECIPE FOR SUCCESS, ICERI2018 Proceedings, pp. 7957-7961.