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Pages: 4035-4040
Publication year: 2017
ISBN: 978-84-697-6957-7
ISSN: 2340-1095
doi: 10.21125/iceri.2017.1068

Conference name: 10th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation
Dates: 16-18 November, 2017
Location: Seville, Spain


W. Oderilda Magalhães dos Santos1, A. Ferreira Magalhães Neto1, I. Nunes Rodrigues1, H. Pereira de Oliveira Barbosa2, F.R. da Silva Pinheiro1, B. Brandão Almeida3, C.A. Freitas Soares3, E.S. de Aguiar Brandão3

1Universidade do Estado do Amazonas - UEA (BRAZIL)
2Universidade Federal do Amazonas (BRAZIL)
3UNA-SUS Amazônia (BRAZIL)
UNA-SUS Amazônia Project aims to minimize issues of internet access to enable training and share information for health professionals, through open education, an emerging education movement that combines the sharing of ideas, teaching and learning, such as books, plans classroom, software, games, reviews, videos, audios, images and other digital resources understood as educational assets with fellow educators along with Internet culture.

The UNA-SUS Standard Package (PPU – Pacote Padrão UNA-SUS) consists in a complex educational resource, for offline access, use and distribution. The methodology adopted by the educational resource makers turns its implementation complex, once they uses videos, images, pdf documents with high quality and sizes, making it difficult to disseminate information through municipalities of Amazon with low or without connectivity.

A comparative study about the PPU was made to quantify the optimization, restructuring, reach of stability, definition of processes and generation of builds using IT tools highly efficient in the development of front-end systems.

During this study, we observed low code reuse on implementation of PPU´s, snippet common code repetition all over the HTML5 PPU´s code that could be optimized with the use of some templating’s. The remodeling of the content was done using json files, thus removing contents inserted directly in the HTML code, the flows were carried out by route control tools, allowing the reuse of codes and optimizing the process. The JPEG format was adopted for images its, besides the improvement of the images and videos, reducing file size without losing the quality. Minified code has been done to compress the javascript and css scripts, reducing variable names, methods, and removing white space, among others.

After the reconstruction of three complex educational resources using the “PPU format", it was observed that improvements in the codification, stability and versioning has a potential advance on offline training, teleducation and could be possible to share information even with low connectivity like in the Amazon reality.
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AU - W. Oderilda Magalhães dos Santos AU - A. Ferreira Magalhães Neto AU - I. Nunes Rodrigues AU - H. Pereira de Oliveira Barbosa AU - F.R. da Silva Pinheiro AU - B. Brandão Almeida AU - C.A. Freitas Soares AU - E.S. de Aguiar Brandão
SN - 978-84-697-6957-7/2340-1095
DO - 10.21125/iceri.2017.1068
PY - 2017
Y1 - 16-18 November, 2017
CI - Seville, Spain
JO - 10th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation
JA - ICERI2017 Proceedings
SP - 4035
EP - 4040
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W. Oderilda Magalhães dos Santos, A. Ferreira Magalhães Neto, I. Nunes Rodrigues, H. Pereira de Oliveira Barbosa, F.R. da Silva Pinheiro, B. Brandão Almeida, C.A. Freitas Soares, E.S. de Aguiar Brandão (2017) OPTIMIZATION OF COMPLEX DIGITAL EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES, ICERI2017 Proceedings, pp. 4035-4040.