E. Nuñez, P. Cuesta, A. Penelas

Universidad de Alcalá (SPAIN)
The European Higher Education System entails a deep change in a lot of tools, elements and concepts that are part of the current educational system. In this article, we point out a set of tools about coordination and didactical innovations used in the area of marketing and market research of the degree of Management Business Administration.

We try to contribute to the progression of a culture based on teamwork and cooperation to facilitate the coordination of education and the new technologies help to improve. For these reason, the web 2.0 is important to develop.

We develop the next actions for the good practice about this coordination and didactical innovations:

• The platforms used on line, specially the “Blackboard”. They are coordination and didactical innovations tools very interesting for us.

• The use of the didactical guide as the main tool to produce correct organization, develop and assessment of the courses. It is a document that explains laws and obligations for teachers and students, the schedules of theorist and practical contents and the criterions of continuous assessment and final assessment.

• In the first class about the presentation of the course, we develop other practice of didactical coordination. All the teachers who work in the same course explain as a team the rules and the development of the course on the same day and to the same group of students.

• We use a pattern of work. It helps to asses the active participation of the students during all practical class. Using this tool, we ask the students that they write questions to each speaker group. The students assess three items:
o Presentation: How do the speakers defend their contents, their understanding of contents, intonation, design of transparency and teamwork.
o Content Depth: How much the students have researched, found and incorporated new information, examples, and currently.
o Abstract: The design of a paper that reviews the presentation, the conclusions and the bibliography researched.

• Periodically, we arrange several meetings between teachers and students. They previously have been informed on line about the date and place.

• The article emphasizes the recent establishment of a group of didactical innovation in Marketing, it is called INDOMA (Group of didactical innovations about Marketing - nº UAH-GI-10-29). The members have done a course about new tools, for example, the Blackboard, that is the on line platform of the UAH.

These tools allow motivation for the student to work inside and outside the classroom. In addition the teachers can provide coordination mechanisms and evaluation to continue more troops.