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J. Novotný, J. Svobodová

Masaryk University (CZECH REPUBLIC)
Recently, there are many educational debates about appropriate educational approaches for improving scientific thinking in school science curriculum. The important basis for learning natural science is students’ understanding of the nature and structure of scientific knowledge and the process by which it is developed. Unfortunately, our university students get taught only little about the theory of science (ToS).

The overall aim of this research study was to explore, if the development of course with subject Theory of science is attractive for university students and teachers. The study was based on survey, which investigates university students' reports about their intention in participation or learning theory of science.

The scientific method represents a way of critical thinking. Science strengthens the ability to have an opinion founded more in facts than personal feelings. We assume that scientific thinking provides many skills for cognitive development of every person, helps cultivate their reasoning skills and better prepares for the real world. Our research study presents the university students opinions and ideas which could help identify the causes of the problem why students get taught so little about the science as whole?