G. Nneji

Federal College of Education (NIGERIA)
Advocates for Technology Teachers’ Industrial Work Experience Scheme (TIWES) have left nothing in projecting the benefits of the scheme to technology education, technology teachers and students of technology. TIWES makes Technology education, a living and dynamic field of study in so far as it addresses and incorporates issues that drive industrial practices and operations. Thus the teachers, who participate in the scheme, are up-to-date in what they teach, and so maintain leadership position before their students. Students who are taught by the teachers enjoy competitive advantages in their field, having been exposed to contemporary issues in their field by up-to-date teachers. But teachers’ industrial work experience scheme is not a feature of continuous teacher education in Nigeria. Student industrial work experience has remained the only opportunity technology teachers have to see what happens in the industry. The post-engagement experience of what happens in the industry is not factored in, in technology teachers' continuing education program. The effort in this paper is to put forward, a model that can fastrack the commencement of this program by institutions that train teachers of technology. The model dwells on the category of teachers that can participate in the scheme, placement procedures, collaborating industries and their roles, supervision and assessment procedure, report writing and motivation of the participants.