Commenius University in Bratislava, Jessenius Medical Faculty in Martin (SLOVAKIA)
About this paper:
Appears in: EDULEARN15 Proceedings
Publication year: 2015
Pages: 7739-7744
ISBN: 978-84-606-8243-1
ISSN: 2340-1117
Conference name: 7th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies
Dates: 6-8 July, 2015
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Jessenius Medical Faculty in Martin, faculty of Commenius University in Bratislava is the educational site to present e-learning. E-learning is effective for continuing education available not only in undergraduate education, but after graduating of the faculty and through lifelong career development. E-learning is currently learning by using modern (especially information) technology. Benefits are: independent learning using learning modules available online, online access to sources of information and knowledge, interactive multimedia activities including games available in electronic version, lectures available online for transfer into computer, tablet or mobile phone. Electronic documents are available in all study programs in this faculty with multiple choice for the study. Educational portal MEFANET, that was developed in cooperation between Medical faculties in Slovak and Czech Republics, use currently information in many levels (presented in the last year EDULEARN Congress).

Aim of the project “Immunology - how the immune system work” is to prepare the e-learning site of immunology for medical students useful for self-study with feedback of a self-evaluation. How are working cells of immune system to save us against diseases? How to detect disorders of the immune system? Why is it important to know these processes? Answers to these questions are at the center of interest not only of immunologists, alergologists, microbiologists but also of other health care workers and students of medicine. In the branch of immunology there is still a rising quantity of new knowledge implementation and use of which can be confusing. In time when the amount of immune diseases are rising, the interest of immunology is to be expected. Because of the need of innovative methods in education of immunology and because of the increasing attraction of the students to work with electronical devices and information technologies, it is of great impact if information that they get from internet sites are from relevant sources and are presented in complex and clear way. Based on the solid knowledge it is possible to efficiently treat diseases, to indicate racionally the laboratory examinations of direct and indirect diagnostical procedures, to decrease the burden of laboratories, to increase their efficiency and to save sources from health insurance. Study book of Immunology – how the immune system works and of other educational devices: manuals for practice in immunology and immunological dictionary in electronic version will enable the reader directly during studying to use good sources by direct communication with relevant internet sites. Interactive way of study enable the spread of knowledge according to the study program of the reader.
Quality of preparation and direct education are indispensible in realisation of interactive educational methods that can atract the interest of the student and will help him to fix better knowledge and erudation in the branch of immunological diagnostical procedure.

Supported by KEGA č.032 UK-4/2015 Ministry of Education, Slovak republic and “Virtual and Simulation Tuition as a New Form of Education at JFM CU in Martin” ITMS: 26110230071, co-funded from EU sources and European Social Fund.
Immunology, e-learning, interactive manuals for practice.