E. Nderu Boddington

Prince Sultan University (SAUDI ARABIA)
This paper will examine the change in education brought about by cultural diversity and apply the theories to this examination. I will evaluate and examine ways in which schools can accommodate cultural diversity.
References will be made to cultural and social changes in our schools and how education is affected by such changes. The issue of multiculturalism, or cultural diversity, and the policies that govern it within our school system will be examined in greater detail. The classroom and its culture is the focus to determine how effective the programs dealing with diversity really are for the betterment of education. Two studies on diversity that were conducted in rural, urban, and suburban school districts were analyzed and concluding remarks are provided.
Diversity in education is one aspect of social and cultural change that affects our society deeply and is also rapidly changing. Bruner (1996) suggested that how a culture or society manages its system of education is a major embodiment of the culture’s way of life, not just of its preparation for it. He also stated that education is a political tool that law makers use to accomplish some of their agendas—like getting reelected to political office.