A. Nambiar

California State University - Fresno (UNITED STATES)
Recent advances in technology have literally changed the face of education in today's world. The increase in access to Internet and recent proliferation of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets combined with aforementioned advances in technology have resulted in a plethora of tools that purport to assist faculty in improving the student learning experience. Despite the initial and continuing resistance, online education is here to stay as evidenced in the rising popularity of MOOCs and ever-increasing library of online courses from universities and professional organizations. The success of online education hinges on efficient, effective and engaging content delivery together with fostering a sense of community in the virtual environment. Podcasting is one important mechanism of delivering content. There are many tools available for a variety of devices that can be used to generate podcasts. This paper will delve into specific tools for both audio and video podcasting such as Livescribe Pens, Screenflow, iShowU, Educreations, Explain Everything and Sound Cloud. The paper will examine the advantages and disadvantages of these tools based on the author's experience with these tools. Some of the best practices for podcasting will also be identified.