F. Nalaskowski

Nicolaus Copernicus University (POLAND)
The malady of the academic didactics is the problem of linking theory and practice. As the research shows, despite the fact that there is included in the curriculum of student training, the graduates enter the market not properly prepared for taking further actions. Having observed for years the student environment and its problems with insufficient vocational preparation of the graduates, I decided to take actions to change this situation.
The method which I offer puts the main pressure on the independent actions of the students, accustoming to managing people and facing the problems of local life. Moreover, the most important task which I set to myself, is to sensitize young educators to the problems of human life from live perspective and not only based on the theoretical knowledge. The idea is based on carrying out the social projects. The students divided into groups as the small army units would be sent to face social problems. Their task is to devise, prepare and carry out the social-making projects, which would bring positive overtone and cause significant mental change in the beneficiaries.
In my speech I am going to explain in details the didactic method prepared by myself. Additionally, I will illustrate the actions taken already by the concrete examples. I am going to convince others to such a formula of the classes.
The idea concerns the social education classes for the 2nd year of the educational branches. It links in a unique way the practical actions with the need of searching for the theoretical perspectives as well. The classes based on this formula have been successfully carried out at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Poland for four years.