R. Naeem, A. Kazi, S. Manzoor

Lahore College for Women University (PAKISTAN)
This paper intends to investigate the occupational beliefs of pre service and in service teachers and their professional commitment to their career. The study explored the conceptions, perceptions, perspectives, orientations, theories, knowledge and ideas of pre service and in service teachers. The survey method was used to find out the general occupational beliefs of pre-service and in-service teachers. The data was purposively collected by four universities which offered pre-service training program and from eight practicum schools of these universities. The sample of the study consisted of 427 pre-service and 100 in-service teachers. Two separate questionnaires were used for both groups. Each questionnaire consisted of two parts, demographics and survey questionnaire. That was intended to explore the effects of demographic variables on their general occupational belief and expectations of pre-service teachers. The descriptive statistic as well as inferential statistics, one way ANOVA and bivariate correlation were used to analyze the data. Results revealed that general beliefs of In-service teachers’ were stronger than general beliefs of pre-service teachers. Teachers from both groups were committed to serve more than ten years for teaching profession.