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P. Muryjas1, M. Wawer2

1Lublin University of Technology (POLAND)
2The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (POLAND)
The processes of globalization and the widespread computerization of the economy affect the increase of importance in primary and secondary education the courses related to the use of information technology. This results in increased demand for teachers with the knowledge and skills to conduct computer science classes. ICT graduates are naturally prepared to undertake educational duties related to the education of pupils in this field. It is worth noting that on today's job market graduates of other fields of study have been also looking for, who can also realize the process of ICT education.

The aim of this paper is to demonstrate that postgraduate studies are the most preferred form of acquiring and developing ICT competencies by teachers employed in primary and secondary schools located in Poland. The analysis of the results of the survey conducted among 217 teachers allowed one to identify the main factors motivating them for starting postgraduate studies and the sources of funding for this form of education.

Obtained results show that the main reason for taking up these studies is the necessity to get formally confirmed qualifications, allowing them to remain in the profession of teacher and maintain their current employment. According to the respondents, achieving this aim requires eliminating their competence gap in many ICT areas.