D. Munteanu, A. Nechifor

Transilvania University of Brasov (ROMANIA)
Transilvania University (UTBv) is a state institution of higher education located in Brasov, Romania and, considering its educational offer, scientific research and number of students represents one of Romania’s large universities, being the representative university in the central part of the country. In the last years, the UTBv management team tried to highlight the creativity and the innovative spirit of students, launching different internal project competitions for they. Moreover, not a few times, it has been tried to involve the partners from economical environment to cooperate in such directions. Thus, project competitions as follows: We create a smart campus, My faculty, Together for our university, My diploma project, 10 ideas from 20.000 students and so on, lead to a real positive and motivational challenge among the students and, after their application, offer real solutions for improving things in the university.

Besides these, in cooperation with the industrial partners, different events (which become very traditional), such us The Graduates meet the companies or the summer school – Transilvania Summer Event, achieved a perfect and fit dialog frame between students and the representatives of companies and, moreover, these increased the chances for obtaining a job in the field in which the student attend the faculty.