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M.A. Muñoz Blasco1, M.C. Pesudo Chiva2

1Universitat de Valencia (SPAIN)
2Universitat Jaume I (SPAIN)
The topic developed in this project is the result of an experience in the bacherlord of art education. The purpose of this project has been to introduce contemporary art to high school students and specifically in the installation art. As an introduction to the subject were invited to contemporary art museums where they had a first look at contemporary art. These visits were accompanied by workshops where participated students and the artists who exhibited in the museum.
Aims that are intended to achieve with this proposal are:
-To facilitate a better understanding of everything involved in creating contemporary art.
-To become familiar with other ways of expression and learn to read the images built in installation art forms.
-To provide theoretical and practical tools that can be applied at both the personal and professional future.
-Make and build artistic elements with a theoretical and philosophical foundation
-Develop traditional techniques (modeling clay) in current proposals for artistic interventions.
-Develop critical thinking and teamwork
Educational process:
- Search for information of the authors proposed: his work and the technique used
- Formal and semantic analysis
- Visit the exhibitions.
- Talk with the artists.
- Reflection and share of the most significant art points.
- Practical workshop: proposal for joint construction of Knowledge
- Project Development
- Intervention of art students in a public place

Evaluation of experience and results

This artistic experience, has served to approach and get involved in contemporary art, new proposals and new media art. The really interesting thing about this experience is the fluid and rich dialogue that has been sustained through the experience between artist and participants in the workshop, between work and observer, between matter and emotions.