A.I. Muñoz Alcón, B. Lafuente Nafría

Catholic University of Avila (SPAIN)
The new perspectives introduced by the reformed curricula in the European Framework of Higher Education brought a necessary change in the evaluation and assessment process. In fact, evaluation must perfectly match the new teaching style, more focused on the student’s self-study and practical work. Besides, learning goals are not exclusively related to knowledge acquisition any more, but also to competence and attitude development. An important challenge for professors is to find ways to evaluate such competence and attitudes.
In this paper we present some research done with undergraduate Nursing students in their English for Specific Purposes class. Using different types of self-evaluation in their English class proves to be not only an effective way to calibrate their perception of the progress made and the competence acquired but also a powerful means of making them reflect on their self-study and motivating them to improve their learning.