G. Müller1, A. Rivero2, I. Zaldívar1, A. Cacique3, H. García1

1Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (MEXICO)
2Turku University (FINLAND)
3Pearson Publishers (MEXICO)
The aim of this kit is to enhance the teaching-learning fundamental concepts for the basic knowledge of chemistry, both at High School and undergraduate levels, and especially for students who want to access to mayors in the Chemistry field.

The kit in micro scale presented is based on the resolution of problems and has already been applied in both Secondary school and High school education and even in undergraduate studies in chemistry, in some subjects.

The topics that it covers are:

1.- Mol (wrist bracellet)
2.- Gases (gases with Matson technique and in Petri dish)
3.- Periodic Table (with over twelve applications in a blister shaped like the periodic table) and a set of finger puppets.
4.- Solubility (diluted solutions, saturated and supersaturated solutions, applications)
5.- Conservation of Mass (obtaining Cu I from Cu and Iodine in micro scale)
6.- Water cleaning using a Mexican method that won the contest in Sweden
7.- Preservation of monuments with a research method developed by Dr Manuel Navarrete Tejero, specialist in Nuclear Chemistry
8.- Determination of vitamin C content by titration with iodine, trying to determine whether similar presentations have the same amount of vitamin C as presentations such as Redoxon™ tablets or its equivalent

This kit comes in two forms, with or without reagents included, and their cost varied in relation to these two modalities. In both cases, additional original documents that have led to the scope of the proposed experiments, as well as the information about the middle school textbook accepted by the Mexican Ministry of Education, national body authorized to assess and determine the materials that these books are suitable for those school levels.